Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh boy been a few since i did my last blog. Its now Nov.30 2009 at 12:38am. But I am super excited, i got my Birthday present a little early this year from Junior. Well more then just a little early, my birthday isn't until the 16Th of December so i have a few weeks still. But any how i finally got the cricut!!!!! So i am totally excited and geeked that i have one now. It came to two cartridges, Plantin Schoolbook, and Accent Essentials. I was able to get it because it was black Friday and Joann's was having a huge door buster and had it on sale for 250 which is a great deal considering they run 399. We was in there at 6:15am and got the last one and they opened at 6am so if that tells you how crazy that store was and how big the cricut was. Junior and I stayed up all night thanksgiving night just so we could make sure we could get there when they opened and we would have been there at 6am if only i had known the Joann's that is right across the street from is closing there store there. I'm so totally bummed about that too. I mean how convenient is it to have to craft store right across the street from you. But total bummer they are closing. So any ways we ended up having to go to another store. I was so happy when i realized that i was getting one, to be honest i thought they were all ready gonna be all gone and they were right after i got mine. Then Saturday they had another sale at Joann's for cartridges but most the one there were already sold out, but i did end up getting the Home Accents one. So we drove down to Micheal's who also had them on sale but for 10 dollars more and were gonna get me two more until the lady told Junior that she would give them to us for the Joann's price if he bought me another one. Ha i like that lady because well he got me the third one. So there i picked up Ashlyn's Alphabet, Sweethearts, and last the new one out Sweet Treats. So i have plenty to work with for now. So that the most recent update. The apartment is coming along well. I have the kitchen table stuff full form end to end with all my craft stuff. But Christmas is right around the corner so i have lots of x-mas cards to do. And well now the cricut to play with also. I'm hoping to start my 1st mini book here real soon, so stay in touch for that to come. Well its late and i have lots of laundry and crafting to do tomorrow, so off to bed for me. Talk to you guys soon.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Here and gettin settled

Well here i am, on a borrowed Internet connection. I just wanted to blog and say that the move went well and were just trying to get everything all set up. I miss the house and every time we leave here and go to head home i forget sometimes that i have moved and think i am heading the wrong way to "home". Sad sometimes but i love the new place. Its def smaller but i do have my own craft space and i love that idea. Well just wanted to let you all know that i am OK and that i am just doing my thing and getting my life back to normal. Went shopping this past weekend and junior has bought me some nice craft things to me busy until i get a new job. Cant wait to start on making my mini albums. I get some great ideas watching YouTube. I think i just may be addicted to youtube..hahaha..Well much love to you all and i hope all is well with everyone and thing. Happy holidays as they are fast approaching for us here In the USA. Cant wait for thanksgiving and that wonderful turkey..yum yum..and Christmas and all them cookies...oh boy. Love you all!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Were Moving!!!

OK I just wanted to say that I wont be able to post anything for a little while. Me and the fiance are moving out and into our own place. Will be different from moving from a house to an apartment. I'm gonna miss this house and am an emotional wreck over it. This house is the house that my grandpa built and raised my mom and two aunts in, then my mom raised me and my brother here. I was really hoping to raise my kids here. Guess that dream stops right here and well, the beginning of a new one. I wish more then anything i could have saved it it from foreclose but time are tough. So as i pack and get everything loaded and trailed over to the apartment, i shall be crying my eyes out knowing that i will never come back to this house if something happens. My mom died in this house and well my Nana and papa raised me here also along with my mom. I hate this stuff but as i said what is the ending to a sweet dream u thought would last forever, in turn it is a new dream I'm starting with my fiance junior and his daughter Grace. So i will not be posting anything for a while, but when i get back i can post my Halloween cards and a few other things, i still haven't sent my papa b-day card and gift out yet. Ill get that out to you soon papa. i love you.Well you guys have a great Halloween. As soon as i have Internet again, which i dunno when that will be i will let you all know. Ill post some pics of the house and surrounding woods that is beautiful. Thank you for all Ur support guys. Oh I want to say hi to my Aunt Lynne, and thank her for getting me my start on crafts. 1st it was stamping and then scrapbook's and now I'm doing all that and clay and and drawing and making my own boxes and paper flowers and the possibilities are endless, so than you Aunt Lynne for taking me every weekend and making me go to the craft stores with you, as much as i may not have liked it then, i know spend hours in there and 80 dollars later of juniors money were outta there..he he. Well also i wont have a cell phone for a while which means no as soon as i get that i Will contact who needs to be. Wish me well all. Love you

Thursday, October 1, 2009

OK guys here I am, still alive. I have been so sick its been hard to get anything done. I did manage to get a few cards done just before I got sick. I'm still currently sick and really tired and ache all over the place. But I have finally got some more things on here. The top two pictures where out of a kit I had. The bottom two are one that I made the same day. Nothing awesome but I'm getting here and practice makes perfect. On the paper I used I did use a glue pen and add some glitter to some of the hearts but its really hard to see. Actually its hard to get a pic off my camera that turns out really well. But one day ill have a better camera and there will be better photos for you guys. Well that's all I for now, I'm getting better slowly so hopefully ill be able to post a little more often. I am currently working on another card as we speak so ill have that up here soon.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ok well here is my official first post with a pic of a card I made.

OK guys and gals, here it is, my first official post with something i have made. first and for most i want to thank Robyn "THE PINK STAMPER" for the wonderful ideas on making cards. She is such an inspiration to me and i cant thank her enough. So thank Robyn. Well i had a lot of fun making this card. Took me a few hours to think of it and put it together. All my craft stuff is in shambles because i am moving so its hard to find things. I'm hoping in the future i can put out some videos but to admit i am really camera shy and totally nervous about doing one. I would love to have some comments form some of you to see what you think, I want honesty, trust me it wont hurt my feelings, promise. Well again here is the 1st card i have really made and took time on just for you guys. More to come soon!!!!