Friday, August 28, 2009

Ok well here is my official first post with a pic of a card I made.

OK guys and gals, here it is, my first official post with something i have made. first and for most i want to thank Robyn "THE PINK STAMPER" for the wonderful ideas on making cards. She is such an inspiration to me and i cant thank her enough. So thank Robyn. Well i had a lot of fun making this card. Took me a few hours to think of it and put it together. All my craft stuff is in shambles because i am moving so its hard to find things. I'm hoping in the future i can put out some videos but to admit i am really camera shy and totally nervous about doing one. I would love to have some comments form some of you to see what you think, I want honesty, trust me it wont hurt my feelings, promise. Well again here is the 1st card i have really made and took time on just for you guys. More to come soon!!!!