Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Were Moving!!!

OK I just wanted to say that I wont be able to post anything for a little while. Me and the fiance are moving out and into our own place. Will be different from moving from a house to an apartment. I'm gonna miss this house and am an emotional wreck over it. This house is the house that my grandpa built and raised my mom and two aunts in, then my mom raised me and my brother here. I was really hoping to raise my kids here. Guess that dream stops right here and well, the beginning of a new one. I wish more then anything i could have saved it it from foreclose but time are tough. So as i pack and get everything loaded and trailed over to the apartment, i shall be crying my eyes out knowing that i will never come back to this house if something happens. My mom died in this house and well my Nana and papa raised me here also along with my mom. I hate this stuff but as i said what is the ending to a sweet dream u thought would last forever, in turn it is a new dream I'm starting with my fiance junior and his daughter Grace. So i will not be posting anything for a while, but when i get back i can post my Halloween cards and a few other things, i still haven't sent my papa b-day card and gift out yet. Ill get that out to you soon papa. i love you.Well you guys have a great Halloween. As soon as i have Internet again, which i dunno when that will be i will let you all know. Ill post some pics of the house and surrounding woods that is beautiful. Thank you for all Ur support guys. Oh I want to say hi to my Aunt Lynne, and thank her for getting me my start on crafts. 1st it was stamping and then scrapbook's and now I'm doing all that and clay and and drawing and making my own boxes and paper flowers and the possibilities are endless, so than you Aunt Lynne for taking me every weekend and making me go to the craft stores with you, as much as i may not have liked it then, i know spend hours in there and 80 dollars later of juniors money were outta there..he he. Well also i wont have a cell phone for a while which means no phone..so as soon as i get that i Will contact who needs to be. Wish me well all. Love you

Thursday, October 1, 2009

OK guys here I am, still alive. I have been so sick its been hard to get anything done. I did manage to get a few cards done just before I got sick. I'm still currently sick and really tired and ache all over the place. But I have finally got some more things on here. The top two pictures where out of a kit I had. The bottom two are one that I made the same day. Nothing awesome but I'm getting here and practice makes perfect. On the paper I used I did use a glue pen and add some glitter to some of the hearts but its really hard to see. Actually its hard to get a pic off my camera that turns out really well. But one day ill have a better camera and there will be better photos for you guys. Well that's all I for now, I'm getting better slowly so hopefully ill be able to post a little more often. I am currently working on another card as we speak so ill have that up here soon.