Friday, November 11, 2011

I just wanted to make a quick post here to welcome any new followers and thank you all for following me. I still do not know much about blogging and since they recently changed the way our dash bored looks I have lots more to learn. I hope to be back to crafting here in the next few months once I have my apartment organized and some of my wedding stuff also figured out. I hope to at least try to post a few time a month until I can get to regular postings, even if its just an updated post on life, wedding, or even craft wise. Figure my birthday is coming 9 days before Christmas so maybe ill get lucky and be able to blog about some gifts that are craft or cricut carts. I'm also hoping to find a craft buddy to be able to share tips and ideas with as well as be able to send and receive stuff from each other. I also hope sometime after the holidays to attend a crop to one of my local  scrapbook stores. Iv never been to one because Iv always been nervous to go alone. Well Short but sweet and again thanks to all the new followers.