Monday, November 9, 2009

Here and gettin settled

Well here i am, on a borrowed Internet connection. I just wanted to blog and say that the move went well and were just trying to get everything all set up. I miss the house and every time we leave here and go to head home i forget sometimes that i have moved and think i am heading the wrong way to "home". Sad sometimes but i love the new place. Its def smaller but i do have my own craft space and i love that idea. Well just wanted to let you all know that i am OK and that i am just doing my thing and getting my life back to normal. Went shopping this past weekend and junior has bought me some nice craft things to me busy until i get a new job. Cant wait to start on making my mini albums. I get some great ideas watching YouTube. I think i just may be addicted to youtube..hahaha..Well much love to you all and i hope all is well with everyone and thing. Happy holidays as they are fast approaching for us here In the USA. Cant wait for thanksgiving and that wonderful turkey..yum yum..and Christmas and all them cookies...oh boy. Love you all!!

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